1. "

    When I was 17, an older boy called me jailbait
    It made me question what he was uncomfortable with,
    since in 5 months time I won’t actually be
    much different.
    Is it an underdeveloped brain structures,
    an inability to buy him cigarettes
    Or the fact that he feels safer with the law
    telling him he is not a rapist?

    I am not too young for you
    Because the law has put an arbitrary number
    on when I have sprung free from adolescence
    pierced nipples and tattoos do not put me on your level
    you should feel weird talking about
    your girlfriend who is still in high school
    because this is a separate world than yours
    I am debating over colleges and railing against capitalism
    with a grasp on economics
    I learned through the internet and one measly textbook
    I am too young for you because you have felt and done things
    I have only jotted down in journals,
    as wishes, wanderlust, clips from tv shows
    about people in their late 20s
    people trying to get married, blackout drunk
    have kids
    I am still experimental,
    mature or not, everything is constantly in flux

    and to dress me up in a tight ribbon corset as
    your perfect sexual fantasy
    and tell me I am a tease or
    sexually precocious
    is revealing only of
    the lens through which the predator
    distances himself from his prey.

    — Veronica S., why adultness is not an age (via somedayyouwillbelved)

    This girl is amazing. I love her style and her message. I don’t usually repost or anything, but people, if you’re following me for my poetry, follow this girl. ❤️


  2. Gone

    I am going to be gone for the month of July- I shall be counselling at a summer camp way off in the middle of nowhere. I doubt any of you will miss me but in case you do! Now you know. :)


  3. Sleep takes a long time
    When you’ve got a
    Thousand and one thoughts in your head
    And none of them are making sense
    All you know is something’s wrong
    But you’ve been awake for so damn long
    That all the words blur into colours
    And rainbows move to dance
    Behind shuttered eyes with
    Circles under
    Closed doorways to dreams left
    For another day
    Just another minute
    One more text
    And one more phone call
    You’ve got to connect before the moment passes
    So sleep will wait
    Till your body collapses.


  4. I wish
    I didn’t have
    To fall asleep


  5. Look like shit and feel like it
    That’s how we roll and how we live
    And I don’t know if you understand
    But I would kill to hold your hand
    I don’t know if you feel
    The words I whisper when your still
    Hand holds mine and the world slows
    Panic fades and green grass grows
    Breathe a little deeper
    Don’t let go
    I’m not crying if you notice
    Tears on my face do naught but slow us
    And you can’t feel my songs of pain
    So I’ll whisper to you
    As you fall asleep
    All my secrets you unknowingly keep
    Safe in your dreams and your thoughts and your arms
    Take my words
    They cause me harm.


  6. You know your thirsty for GoT when you’re willing to watch the latst episode over a screen share with your bestie. And you can’t hear anything. So you have to do with subtitles.

    Can yo imagine how much this sucks?!?


  7. It was a joke
    I know
    And you probably won’t remember it tomorrow.
    A moment in time, a laugh, a smile
    You go home and I leave
    And next time we meet
    It’ll be another laugh you won’t remember.
    And I don’t wanna admit it
    But I will
    And I don’t forget
    And my clothing smells like you
    And it’s messing with my mind
    Cause I’m alone,
    There’s no one near
    But you’re there somehow
    Though you’ll never know
    And the tears I cry aren’t for you—
    They’re for me alone.


  8. "Have you ever seen an animal?"
    She blinks at me with a slightly confused look on her face.
    "No, of course not. Everyone knows animals are dangerous. They carry disease, they hurt people, and they take up valuable resources. We’ve evolved to the point where we can grow protein based foods in our labs, we don’t need to cultivate them anymore. I mean, man stopped needing animals a hundred years ago." Gently, she laughs. "You of all people should know this. Your family owns the largest protein company in Europe."
    "Well of course I know it." I look down. "I was just thinking about them. People used to have these things called pets, you know? Dogs and cats and birds."
    "People were stupid back then. They almost wrecked the planet."
    "True. I wonder what it was like, though. Sometimes."
    "You shouldn’t. If you want a companion, your uncle will buy you the newest bot." She looks behind her, gaze focusing on something out of my vision. "I have to go now. Talk later, kay? Ask about a bot."
    "Yeah sure. Bye Tess."
    "Bye Shae" She blinks out of existence, my room suddenly empty once again. It’s only a small cubicle, built to be cost efficient and easy to maintain. I own only the skinsuit upon my back and the jector in my hand, but for most people these days, that’s enough. The jector holds my credits, and the skinsuit can morph to fit any climate or situation.
    Despite the fact that my uncle is one of the three wealthiest men in Europe, I have no frivilous belongings. We must be role models for the rest of the planet, he says. We must set the best example, an example of conservatism and husbandry. So apart from the bare minimum required to keep up appearances, I own nothing.
    Which is perfectly correct, of course.
    After what the old civilizations did to the earth, we are lucky to be here, lucky to be able to in some way fix the damage. Mankind will likely spend the next thousand years fixing the damages still apparent from the wars and the excess, the wasteful, extravagant lifestyles of humanity. Like pets. Animals should stay in the wild, uncle says, where they were always meant to be.
    With a sigh, I stand and look out my window. I see the metallic gleam of solar panels on every building in sight. Nobody is out, it’s the middle of the morning. Most people are working, or, if they are one of the upperclass, like Tess and I, sleeping. Normally I would be sleeping as well, but Tess and I always talk once a week, at the same time. Back when we were younger, we thought it was greatly rebellious and daring to be up before everyone else. I don’t even know why we still do it, for old time’s sake, I guess. We were really close when we were younger. She’s got her own thing going on now, though, taking on more responsibilities in her father’s company.
    Looking up, I see the sun breaking through the clouds, a dim glow fracturing into broken glass on the skyscrapers surrounding me. There’s not a bird in sight. Hasn’t been one for the last seventy-five years, not since the wildlife barriers were set up around all populated areas. No birds in our air, no animals in our habitats, no fish in our waterways. We have placed the Earth under a complex monitoring system to ensure its recovery— somewhere there is a building that keeps tabs on every other living thing on earth. Somewhere, there is a file on me, Shae Lynn Precaris. Somewhere, in a building, there is a computer monitoring my every movement, cataloguing my pulse, my breathing rate. Sometimes I wonder if they even catalogue my thoughts.
    My jector flashs in the sun as I override the controls on the window panels. They open with a soft whir, a small sill at floor level the only barrier between me and the outside. I haven’t smelt nonprocessed air in months, and I fill my lungs with grave enjoyment. The wind sifts through my hair, filtering through the short utilitarian strands so unlike Tess’s long extravagent waves. They suit her, but uncle says they’re a bad example, a waste of time and effort. Beauty is frivolity, you know. I do my best to be a good niece, not like my mother, who ran off with my father who was some kind of naturalist. He wanted to experience nature, uncle says. That’s what got them killed. They went out of the cities, and died somewhere in the jungles.
    Sometimes when I’m alone, I think that my father must have been like me. Maybe he wanted to see the birds too. Sometimes I wish that they’d taken me with them, beyond the city walls. Once, I heard uncle say that they should have. He didn’t know I was listening, though.
    Birds have hollow bones, which makes them light enough to fly.
    I haven’t eaten in a week.
    I wonder if I’m light enough to fly yet?


  9. On my own
    Barely breathing
    Message everyone
    No one sees it
    If I cry
    Will I feel it?
    Do I know?
    If I need it ?
    Strangers in the night
    Someone see me passing by
    Catch me as I fly
    I’ll never come back again


  10. So. First time ever kicked out of my own home. This oughta be interesting.